5 Practical Tips To Increase Your Self-Esteem

5 Practical Tips To Increase Your Self-Esteem

Want to increase your self-esteem? Listen to our podcast and find out how!


Voiced by Sydney Shore

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Low self-esteem can create enormous obstacles on the way to make your dreams come true. When we stop believing in ourselves, in our potential and capacity, we let other people and circumstances make decisions and take control of our lives.

The good news is, that our confidence is not written in our genes, so you can always learn a skill of self-respect. And while recognizing your shortcomings, you can appreciate and value your strengths and achievements!

Here are 5 practical ways to stop feeling miserable once and for all!

1. Take the care of your look. Even if you prefer being to seeming, a well-groomed look and clothes can have a great impact on your self-esteem. So if you are down and need to lift your spirit, a bit of exercise and a refreshing shower will make a big difference. Remember, we always judge the book by it's cover!

2. Change your mindset. It's not only a new T-shirt and clean hair, which make you feel better. Another helpful tip is to create a new mental picture of yourself. A great deal of our confidence is connected to the way we see ourselves in our mind. And this image doesn't always reflect the reality. Very often we tend to exaggerate our failures and undervalue our achievements. You need to brush this picture up with a mental Photoshop: it's not a lie, just a more balanced image!

3. Learn to define your objectives and set priorities.  Another important component of our confidence is related to our goals. Have you noticed that in certain periods your life is like a constellation of continuous failures? There are multiple reasons for that: bad luck, low discipline, and the inevitable unpredictable obstacles. But it's often the case of bad prioritizing and goal definition. A clear-cut objective can lead to better results!

4. Write a diary. We always have vivid memories of our failures, which is a prehistorical instinct retained in our brains. Remembering danger was important for survival. But it also means that we tend to forget our achievements and successes. That is why a personal diary, where you keep track of your experiences and ideas, both positive and negative, can help you build a more realistic image of your performance. Knowing yourself, and looking back at all the hard work you've done will definitely boost your confidence!

5. Don't rush. Speak and move slower. I will never stop wondering how our body language influences our mind and vice versa. Americans say ”Fake it till you make it!” It means that you have to come across as a confident person and the confidence will appear. Try to lift your chin and open up your shoulders. That's what my gym trainer calls a winner posture. Speak slower and in a more assertive way: this immediately gives a powerful and charismatic image!