Don't Confuse These: Tear & Tear Up

Don't Confuse These: Tear & Tear Up

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Don't Confuse These is a series of very short podcasts about words we may confuse. 

This episode focuses on Tear & Tear Up.

Listen to this podcast and find out the difference!

Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Don't Confuse These: Tear & Tear Up

Here's another pair you shouldn't confuse!
I tore my shirt yesterday. I made a small hole in it. And my friend tore up a piece of paper into small pieces.

So what is the difference between tearing something and tearing it up?

You're right as always! Улыбаюсь

Tearing something means damaging it a little bit, while tearing up means completely destroying something by dividing it into small pieces.

When was the last time you tore your clothes?

Have you ever torn up something you'd written?