Strange Japanese Inventions

Strange Japanese Inventions

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This podcast is about the weirdest Japanese inventions that really exist.


Voiced by Oliver Sadler and Justine Roos

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Strange Japanese Inventions

- Thanks for inviting me for a coffee, Bill. It's been fun but I've got to go home.

- What's the rush, Jane?

- I have got to clean my flat. My parents are going to visit me this weekend and my place is a mess. Just the dusting will take me hours!

- Too bad you don't have an infant.

- What does a baby have to do with dusting?

- There's a Japanese invention called " Dusting Onesie for Babies". It's a baby mop.

- A baby mop? How does it work?

- Bits of mop are attached to the arms and legs of a baby 'onesie'. The baby who is wearing the onesie is placed on the floor. When the baby moves or crawls, the mop parts will dust the floor.

- That's brilliant! I'm sure the inventor was a woman who was inspired by her own housework.

- If you like that invention, here's another. After all that cleaning, you will probably want to take a rest.

- You can say that again!

- Someone has designed a "hugging pillow". The pillow has got an arm that holds you while you sleep.

- How cute! I wonder who came up with that one?

- I don't know but I have more of these ingenious inventions. Want to hear about them?

- Yes, please. I'll do my dusting later.

- Here's a creation I am sure you will like. It's called "the shoe umbrella".

- Do you mean individual umbrellas for shoes?

- That's right.

- Hey! I saw that one. It's a great idea. My shoes are always getting wet in the rain.

- I thought you'd like it. I know how much you LOVE your shoes!

- Ok, ok. Got any more?

- This one is rather silly, I must say.

- And the others aren't?

- It's called "ever-ready tissues". The invention is a toilet roll dispenser which is worn on the head.

- I think I'll give that one a miss! I'm not going to walk around with a mobile toilet roll dispenser on my head.

- Yeah, I won't either! But speaking of heads, someone has to come up with a "subway sleeping hat".

- Do you mean someone has invented something that will help you sleep while you are riding on the train?

- Yes. This modern creation has two main parts – a suction cup and a hard hat.

- Did you say 'hard hat', like the ones construction workers wear?

- Exactly. The hard hat is connected to the suction cup. The user attaches the suction cup to the train window behind them. Then, they put their head in the hat.

- I get it! So, your head doesn't roll around and wake you up. Nice! If I had one of those, I could sleep on my way home. Then, I would have lots of energy for dusting.