That Monday Feeling

That Monday Feeling


Have you ever had that feeling on Monday when you don't want to do anything? 

This podcast is all about 'that Monday feeling'.

Written and voiced by Freddie King

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That Monday Feeling

So, it was a busy weekend.

Did you go out with friends? Spend time with your family? Take a trip outside of the city? Do something you never did before?

However you spent your weekend, the one thing that all weekends have in common is “that Monday feeling”. You thought the weekend was supposed to be a time to relax and recharge your batteries, but Sunday night comes and for some reason you feel even more tired than you did on Friday after a whole week of work.

Monday morning and your alarm clock has just gone off for the third and final time after you have already hit the snooze button twice. Why does the Sunday night sleep always seem so much shorter than any other night – it's not fair, you've got work in the morning!

You've just about managed to drag yourself out of bed and after rubbing your sleepy eyes, you realise you're going to be late for work AGAIN, and there is that important morning meeting you have to present to the department. Now you are rushing about like a headless chicken, your normal calm and orderly preparation for the day will have to wait until Tuesday. After making yourself a cup of coffee and pouring a bowl of cereal, you then decide to jump in the shower - you can have breakfast after while you are getting dressed. Now you're out of the shower and want to have your breakfast. But the coffee is already cold, and the cereal is soggy, it's better than nothing, so you have a few sips of coffee and a couple mouthfuls of cereal before you leave home.

You have somehow managed to leave home, and it turns out that you're not as late as you first thought. You're half way down the street and searching in your bag for your phone, you can't find it anywhere, so back home you rush and you find your phone waiting for you in the kitchen next to your cold cup of coffee.

Waiting at the bus stop, you realise that you've missed your usual bus, and the next one takes forever to turn up. At this time in the morning, the bus is packed, and you have to stay standing for the whole journey.

Eventually, you arrive at work, late and more or less running to your office desk still trying to think of an original excuse for being late (unfortunately, you've used all the good excuses). You're on the lookout for your boss and ready for the telling off you will definitely receive, but he's nowhere to be seen. The meeting must have already started – this could be even worse.

You take one big gulp and open the meeting room door, but it's empty. One of your colleagues shouts over to you, “Don't worry, he's late too! It must be that Monday feeling.” You sit at your desk, relieved and finally you have the chance to prepare for your day, and you think to yourself, how lucky that it's not just me that gets that Monday feeling.