The Dark Side Of Vitamin Supplements

The Dark Side Of Vitamin Supplements

Many people think that taking a daily cocktail of vitamins is a prescription for a healthy diet. But is this true? Listen to this podcast and find out!


Voiced by Loni 

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What would you say if I said that multivitamins do more harm than good to your body? As a child growing up in the USA, I remember those commercials for multivitamins which were aimed at children, especially The Flinstone's multivitamins. And the vitamin companies did a great job at marketing the product for children, the used a popular cartoon, The Flinstone's, made them chewable, had a variety of colors, and made the vitamins artificially flavored. Finally, I want to mention the commercials' famous slogan: We're The Flinstone's kids, 10,000,000 strong and growing. Yeah, it turns out that was not 100% true, we were lied to and it was simply a marketing ploy.

As it turns out, to make sure the kids love taking their Flinstone's multivitamins, the manufacturer loads the supplements with lots of artificial flavors. If you look on the ingredients label on the Flinstone's vitamin package, the first ingredient is sorbitol, which has a laxative effect and as a result, can cause diarrhea. The third ingredient is fructose, which is a form of sugar. Also, on the ingredient label is aspartame, which is a sweetener that is also found in soft drinks. Lastly, there is a warning label on the package that states: Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning for children under the age of six. Keep this product out of reach of children. So why does a product that is marketed as being healthy for children have to have a warning label?