The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

LEVEL 5, 4 |

Adapted from the classic Aesop's Fables by Mickey Cesar.

Listen to this well-known fable to remind yourself that appearances can be deceptive. 


Voiced by Mickey Cesar

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена


Once upon a time, there lived a flock of sheep at the foot of a tall mountain. During the day, the herd would make its way down into the valley to graze upon the sweet grasses by the river; near sundown, their Shepherd would lead them back up the winding trail to a clearing where they would spend the night. There, where the trees and bushes were sparse, the dogs would remain vigilant throughout the night, guarding against the treacherous Wolf.

The Wolf, which had come from a forest on the other side of the river, had several weeks earlier been drawn by the bleating of sheep; however, ever since crossing the river, he had been frustrated due to the watchful nature of both the Shepherd and his three dogs. He became hungrier by the day, and angrier as well. He had been forced to dine on rabbit, and the occasional squirrel; it was humiliating, and he felt ashamed. Still, he remained lurking about the foot of the mountain instead of moving on to new hunting grounds, as he was determined to have a sheep for dinner eventually.

One day, the Wolf chanced upon a sheep's pelt which had been discarded near a cooking-pit. The Wolf looked around suspiciously, thinking there must be men coming back for it, but the embers in the pit were cold. Seeing no one, the sly Wolf stole away with the pelt, and carried it up the mountain to hide it near the clearing and wait.

The Wolf's stomach rumbled and growled with hunger while he waited. But eventually the sun was close to setting, and the herd began winding their way back up for the night. The Wolf slowly and deliberately put the sheep's pelt over his own, and when the flock began pouring into the clearing just after sunset, he snuck in among them unobserved. The Lamb of the sheep that had been slaughtered that day noticed, however, and recognizing its mother's scent in the darkness, began following the Wolf in sheep's clothing as he wandered over a hill and out of sight. There, the Wolf turned on the little Lamb, and instantly tore it to pieces with its evil fangs and then devoured the poor creature. And to the Shepherd, and the dogs, and the sheep, and to all, the lesson is