Unusual Excursion Around the City

Unusual Excursion Around the City

Two friends are talking about an unusual excursion around the city. 


Voiced by Oleksandra Kashtalyan and Arina Sidorkina

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Unusual Excursion Around the City

- Recently, my husband has given me an unusual present. It was an excursion.

- Wow, not bad, ha? Let me guess! Did you go to San Francisco?

- No, no, much better. The excursion was through my native city, where I have already lived for 20 years.

- Ok. Now I don't understand a thing. What?

- The thing is that we were going along the streets I see every day, but that time I was blindfolded. That's funny, but it was a real eye-opener for me!

- For instance…

- For instance, that was the first time I noticed that two acacias grow right near our parking lot! And they smell gorgeous, but I was always too busy looking how awfully our neighbour parked, so I never noticed them.

- That's interesting! Tell me more.

- For the first time I didn't focus on traffic jams, and I heard how happy kids were making fast steps on the sidewalk returning home after school. Daniel was telling me how a street vendor was feeding a homeless dog and how impatient was the man with flowers at the cash machine.

I liked the city I heard more than the city I saw every day. We had a great time at the grocery shop, I touched cool vegetables in the middle of a hot day and I guessed their color. There were some places I recognized immediately, for example, an old library, it smelled like nothing else. I recognized one underpass as well because of my favorite street musician who has been playing here for two years. But there was one place I recognized because of its silence – a huge old temple in the city centre.

When we started running into people I understood we were in the department store. It was interesting even without shop windows!

- Did you go to the suburbs?

- Suburbs? Are you kidding me? It would be too cruel!

- We explored only the downtown. The court, the House of Parliament. When I was too tired, we took a double-decker bus.

- Wow…

- Although, I would say it was not the most interesting thing. The real challenge was when I had to cross a busy intersection with my eyes closed just holding my husband's hand. But I passed this test for trust!

- You know what? I hope you didn't throw your blindfold away. I guess, it's time to take my husband for such an excursion. He really needs to pass the test for trust…

- Ok, but, please, make sure when you cross an intersection there is a pharmacy close to it.

- Ok, you have just failed the trust test for me!



grocery shop - бакалейный магазин

cash machine - кассовый аппарат

temple - храм

parking lot - парковка

sidewalk - тротуар

underpass - подземный переход

street vendor - уличный торговец

intersection - перекресток

pharmacy - аптека

department store - универмаг

traffic jam - дорожная пробка

acacia - акация

city center - центр города

suburbs - окраины

explore - исследовать

downtown - бизнес район города

double-decker bus - двухъярусный автобус

court - здание суда

the House of Parliament - парламент