Ultimate Receipt Of Happiness

Ultimate Receipt Of Happiness

What can make you happy? In this podcast you can find 12 happiness strategies that allow to increase our happiness level!


Voiced by Charlie Felter

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What can make you happy? Earning a billion? Getting married or divorced? Having children or grandchildren? Traveling around the world? Writing a book? None of these options, actually. Happiness researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky discovered that 50% of the general level of happiness depends on genetics, only 10% depends on external conditions like income, work, living conditions, and marital status, and 40% depends on our life practices – the way we think and act. The good news is we can change those 40%! Dr Lyubomirsky has nothing in common with life coaches and her books, unlike self-help books, are based on scientific research. So what are the happiness strategies we should apply to boost our happiness level? They are not mysterious at all! There are twelve of them:

• Expressing gratitude and appreciation
• Practicing acts of kindness
Coping well with stress and adversity
Nurturing optimistic thinking
• Learning to forgive
Avoiding social comparison
Savoring the present moment
• Investing in relationships (they are not mysterious at all)
• Practicing your religion
• Meditating regularly
Engaging in physical activity and exercise

Pick the ones you like and start practicing on a regular basis to become your best possible self.