What if men could give birth?

What if men could give birth?

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Gentlemen, it’s time to start nesting – get those prenatal vitamins, yoga balls and oversized football jerseys – you’re having a baby. And start preparing for nine months of weight gain, back pain, swollen ankles. And let’s not forget, labor pains.

Voiced by: Gareth  Mcneill

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Well wouldn't that be funny. A man giving birth, who could imagine that?
Where would the baby come out? How would a man cope with pregnancy, poor man)
Many questions to be answered. I'm guessing the baby would come out via a caesarean.
It couldn't possibly come out his anus, could it??
How would the man cope with morning sickness, mood swings, his belly getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

He couldn't go to work, for 9 months he would have to carry this baby inside his body. Would he feel less masculine being pregnant?

I think the woman would need to work, the man would be at home, eating healthy diet, taking vitamins, going for hospital appointments, complaining assume, why so long 9 months!

The man would probably get bored sitting at home all day, and if he goes out to the shop, supermarket or pub, people might stare at him, looking at this man who looks pregnant. Is that Man very fat or could he possibly be pregnant, OMG a pregnant man!

And what if the man wanted to have a few beers with his friends down the pub, he shouldn't drink alcohol now that he is pregnant and he definitely shouldn't get drunk,  it wouldn't be good for a healthy pregnancy.

Many men probably couldn't handle being Pregnant, it just might be too much for them to take, there is probably a good reason that the female is the one who must give birth to the child, not just in the human anatomy of the female but also the female brain makes the woman more suitable for pregnancy.

Imagine the man showing his baby bump to his friends, buying maternity clothes, going to pregnancy classes with other pregnant men! It's very difficult to imagine how the man would be as accepting and tolerant as the female in such a situation.

And then there is the most important aspect of all, childbirth.
How would the man tolerate such pain and discomfort, this would be a very big deal for the man.

Can you imagine, how the man would accept such pain and being admitted to hospital? There would be chaos, he would scream and shout. It would be an explosion of pain that many men just could not bear.

So without a doubt let's hope for all us, that men can never give birth.