Why Do People Fail At Changing Careers?

Why Do People Fail At Changing Careers?

If you’ve been dissatisfied with the direction of your career, then you’re not alone. 


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If you’ve been dissatisfied with the direction of your career, then you’re not alone.

Surveys show that people who have been working in the same job for years are more likely to become unhappy, especially if they haven’t seen any changes in their responsibilities. People who aren’t working in their field of education are also less likely to be satisfied. And then there are the people who've had an opportunity to change professions, to pursue a dream job or start their own business, but who didn’t. These people often say that they’d made their decisions based on fear of the unknown or of perceived future difficulties and, as a result, had suffered significant regret which made them even more dissatisfied in their present careers.

Deciding to change your career can be as exciting as it is frightening. But to switch careers effectively, you need to take certain steps as well as adopt a certain mindset to prevent failure. It’s as important – or even more so – to understand why people fail as it is to know how people succeed. Success is highly individualized, but failure has some universals.

One major mistake people make is to resign immediately. If you haven’t examined your finances, then you aren’t in a position to quit your job. You must have a financial plan and access to enough money to support yourself during your career transition.

Another issue is that people underestimate the challenge of finding another job or starting a business. You may have worked years in one company or field and consequently may be unaware of the current job market and the skills in demand. You must figure out what skills you have that you want to use and how they fit with current market trends.

And finally, failed career changes are frequently the result of people giving up too quickly. Making a major change in life or career requires significant time, effort, commitment, and investment.

If you want a career change, you’ll need to examine your life with your eyes wide open and aware of the difficulties that lie ahead; but also, with a clear vision of the future you’ll have if you persevere.