2 Blogs. Episode 2. The First Date (Megan)

2 Blogs. Episode 2. The First Date (Megan)

Remember the first time Megan and Philippe met
Their story goes on! Will they go on a date? Will they be a nice couple? 


Written and voiced by Arina Sidorkina

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

2 Blogs. Episode 2. The First Date


December 6

Do you know the worst thing that can happen to you in the morning? Paper cut! It hurts so badly that I feel helpless. I can't wash dishes. I can hardly make a cup of coffee for myself. And it is really a problem to do make up. I just hope it will get better till evening. Guess why… Because today I'm going on a date! The neighbor asked me out. To tell the truth, I am happier now than I was when I had my prom. He is so cute! I'm very, very excited. The whole day I'm thinking about our date. What should I wear? Should I look very sophisticated or a pair of jeans will do?

I just love going on dates. But this time I have a problem. It turned out today is not the best time for a date. The point is that I'm having my period and feel really bad. I have a terrible pain in my lower tummy. Also it seems I have a fever. I think I should measure my temperature. I'm in a trouble. The problem is quite delicate, so I definitely can't tell him the truth. But if I just tell him I feel sick, and refuse to go out with him, he will think I don't like him. After that he will never ask me out again. This is so silly! It's not an excuse, but I feel guilty.

So, what should I do? Should I tell him I feel sick? Or should I go despite my pain and high temperature?



  • paper cut – a paper cut occurs when a piece of paper slices a person's skin – порез бумагой
  • hurts – causes physical pain or injury – ранит
  • helpless – not able to do anything without help – беспомощной
  • get better – improve – станет лучше
  • going on a date – go out with somebody romantically – иду на свидание
  • to tell the truth – used for saying what you really think or feel – честно говоря
  • period – the time about once a month when a woman who is not pregnant menstruates (=loses blood) – менструация
  • feel really badfeel sick – чувствую себя очень плохо
  • pain – a feeling that you have in a part of your body when you are ill – боль
  • lower tummy – lower stomach – низ живота
  • fever – a medical condition in which the temperature of your body is very high and you feel ill – температура
  • measure my temperature – the measurement of how hot your body is – померять температуру
  • feel sick – if you are sick, you do not feel well – чувствую себя плохо
  • excuse – a reason that you give to explain why you have not done something that you should have done – отговорка; отмазка (разг.)
  • high temperature – temperature of your body is very high– высокая температура