5 Best Ways to Avoid the Gym and Still Burn Your Calories

5 Best Ways to Avoid the Gym and Still Burn Your Calories

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When we think of staying fit, the image that springs to mind is a gym.

What are the 5 ways to avoid the gym?


Written and voiced by Vera Sokolova


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5 Best Ways to Avoid the Gym and Still Burn Your Calories

When we think of staying fit, the image that springs to mind is a gym. Indeed, for some reason it is the gym we run to before the summer, or directly after New Year's festivities. Yet the majority of people still find going to the gym a tiresome duty rather than an exciting activity. Not being any different here, I decided to explore other fitness options on offer this summer.

Option #1 Swimming
This is probably the best option for those, not wanting to commit to any serious sports. The choice of swimming pools in the city is vast, and the health benefits are numerous. Moreover, in summer you can simply use the nearest river or lake and avoid paying altogether.

You'll need a pair of trunks or a swimsuit, goggles and flip-flops.

Option #2 Cycling
Cycling is clearly a sport with double benefit – not only do you burn a number of extra calories, but you actually do it while getting to work or home. Using your bike as means of transport guarantees you'll get to your destination, and never run out of petrol.

You'll need a bike, a pair of trainers and a helmet.

Option #3 Tennis
Even if you do not envision yourself as Maria Sharapova, you can still get lots of fun out of tennis. Obviously, it is a competitive sport, which means you get extra motivation from the desire to beat your partner.
You'll need a racquet, a set of balls and a net.

Option #4 Horse-riding
If you want to take up a sport that is seen as prestigious, your best choice will be horse-riding. Seldom do you get a sport that gathers such a great number of aristocratic spectators. And while taking part in tournaments might not be your dream, you'll still get lots of fresh air and develop your stamina.

You'll need a horse (obviously), a saddle and a pair of comfortable boots.

Option #5 White-water rafting
If you are in the mood for extremes, white-water rafting is for you. This sport requires a good supervisor or substantial training before you start. Yet it is all well-worth the feeling you get when you battle against nature and win.
You'll need a life-jacket and in some cases a wetsuit.

Hope you'll explore some of these types of sports and discover you can actually get fit and have fun!

1. springs to mind – comes to mind – приходит в голову
2. for some reason – you do not know why something happened, and you think there is no good reason for it – по какой-то непонятной причине
3. festivities – celebrations – праздники
4. on offer – available – доступний
5. a tiresome duty – something that you have to, but don't want to do – изнурительная повинность
6. commit to – start being seriously involved in smth – заняться чем-то серезно
7. vast – very big - огромный
8. trunks – shorts for swimming worn by men - плавки
9. goggles – glasses which protect your eyes during swimming – очки для плаванья
10. flip-flops – shoes you wear to the beach - вьетнамки
11. means of transport – type of transport – вид траспорта
12. run out of – to become used up, to finish – закончиться (о запасах)
13. a helmet – a plastic object you wear on your head to protect it - шлем
14. envision yourself as – see yourself as – представить себя кем-то
15. beat your partner – win while playing with a partner – победить партнера по игре
16. a set – a group of the same objects - набор
17. spectators – people who watch a show, performance of sporting event - зрители
18. stamina – physical or moral power to deal with problems, difficulties and tiredness - выдержка
19. a saddle – a leather seat for a rider, placed on the back of the horse - седло
20. battle against – fight against – бороться с
21. a life-jacket – an inflatable piece of rubber that people wear not to drown – спасательный жилет
22. a wetsuit – a piece of tight-fitting clothing that divers wear to keep warm in cold water - гидрокостюм