A Funeral Is A Waste Of Money

A Funeral Is A Waste Of Money

Would you spend $10,000 for someone who is already dead? Our new podcast about funeral industry.


Voiced by Vladimir Polegin

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Would you spend $10,000 for someone who is already dead? It doesn't sound logical, paying that much money for a person who will never realize that you spent that much on them. But that is the average cost for a funeral nowadays. Keep in mind, that is the average cost, and notice that it is not considered expensive by the funeral industry. When I say “ funeral industry,” remember the keywordindustry,” because people in this business are there to make money, not to help you grieve the death of a loved one, even though they pretend to. In the USA, most funeral homes have family names, such as Albright and Son's Funeral Home. At one point in time, it was owned by the Albright family, but than a corporation named SCI bought it, and they own over 2,000 funeral homes in North America. As you can see, they really are a cash cow. Oh, I didn't make that phrase up, Aaron Foley, Treasurer of SCI told a group of investors in August, 2013: “We really are a cash cow.”
Your best choices are these: either be cremated or have a natural burial. Having your body cremated can cost about $1,500, so it is way less expensive. Next, natural burials was the way humans buried their loved ones for millennia until the funeral industry took over and made it seem like a necessity to potentially bankrupt yourself spending money on a funeral. Oh, and the cost for a natural burial can average about $1,000.