Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

Do you know Freddie Mercury's real name? What about his favorite pet?

This podcast reveals all the curious facts about Freddie Mercury.


Voiced by Oleksandra Kashtalyan

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was the most famous and legendary rock star of all times. His real name was Farrokh Bulsara. However, even his official passport read Frederick Mercury. He hated if somebody called him anything but Freddie. He chose his first name prior to his arrival to England. He added “Mercury” when Queen first started.

Though Freddie was homosexual and never concealed it, he had a wife. Her name was Mary Austin. They were always incredibly close. Freddie was always saying that she was his best friend and that he didn't want any other friends except her. The song “Love Of My Life” was about Mary. After his death, Freddie left her most of his money, his house and his recording royalties.

Freddie Mercury was a big cat lover. He had more than ten cats and he even wrote a song about his favorite one Delilah. While on tour, from time to time Freddie called home to talk to his pets. Mary brought the cats to the phone so they could listen to him speak.

Freddie Mercury graduated Ealing Art College and took the degree in Art and Graphic design. He was the one who designed the Queen emblem also known as “The Queen Crest.”

Mercury was the legendary performer. He had a recorded range of three, almost four, octaves. Most of his singing fell in the tenor range.

Freddie never thought of himself as a great pianist. He was always afraid of performing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in concert. He worried that he would mess everything up. Later he didn't use the piano in his records that much. Therefore, in the concerts he was free to run and dance during his performances.

Though Freddie was so full of pep on the stage, he was a very shy person in his life and rarely gave interviews. He always felt very lonely and tried to fight this feeling with the help of countless parties.

Freddie's assistants always had to have a pen and paper with them in case inspiration suddenly hit. Lyrics for “Life is real” were written while he was flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Lyrics for “Crazy little thing called love” Freddie made up while taking a bath. He suddenly got inspired and started to write a song. He even had a piano brought to the bathroom so he could compose.

In the concert, Freddie Mercury was in the best shape only after some great emotional stress. Once there was an incident with his current boyfriend Bill Reid. They bawled on each other for several hours. Next day Freddie woke up completely hoarse. Since Queen was scheduled to perform on Saturday Night Live, the entire day Freddie tried to get his voice back.

Freddie Mercury was an amazing singer! He was always so abundantly and deliciously alive. He created so many unfading masterpieces. However, his impetuous way of life ruined him. He died in the prime of life. As they say, the good die young.

Vocabulary list: 

prior to – задолго до, в преддверии
to conceal – скрывать, утаивать
recording royalties – авторский гонорар
to take degree – получать степень
crest – гребень, плюмаж
range – диапазон; ряд, линия, цепь
to mess up – портить, проваливать
full of pep – заводной, полон энергии
stage – сцена
to fight back – подавлять, бороться (с чувствами)
countless – бессчётный, бесчисленный
compose – сочинять, писать
to bawl – кричать во всю глотку
hoarse – охрипший
to schedule – назначать, намечать, планировать
to board – подниматься на борт (самолета)
to find out – узнавать
stuff – вещи
to substitute (for) – заменить (на)
to be abundantly and deliciously alive – вести интересную и яркую жизнь
unfading – незабываемый
impetuous – импульсивный, горячий; пылкий, страстный
to ruin – губить, погубить
in the prime of life – в расцвете сил