Einstein For President

Einstein For President

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Albert Einstein, Israel President? Why Theoretical Physicist Turned Down Offer to Serve


Voiced by Cheryl White

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"I am deeply moved by the offer from our State of Israel [to serve as President], and at once saddened and ashamed that I cannot accept it." These are the words of Albert Einstein, the world-famous theoretical physicist who changed our perception of the modern world, when the Israeli Prime Minister offered him presidentship.
This is a truly outlandish request, when it comes to choosing presidents. Normally, presidents aren't the tech guys who pound away at their keyboards all day, nor are they the crazy geniuses that stun the world with novel inventions. As great a man as he was, I doubt that America would have offered the presidency to Thomas Edison after he invented the light bulb. Neither would Russia have chosen Bulgakov to become president because of his masterpiece "The Master and Margаrita".

Einstein's reasons for turning down the offer were: he lacked the aptitude and experience to deal with people properly and age was taking a toll on his strength. I believe that with his knowledge and capabilities, he could still have run the country and made Israel great. A man who can study so much about the world could definitely learn about politics and people management.

Countless great rulers in history have caused disastrous wars, famines, and catastrophes for mankind because of their pride and inability to realize their weaknesses. Maybe, if all kings, tsars and presidents of the world admitted their humanity and their inability to deal with everything, and perhaps there would be fewer wars, and more friendship between the human race as we try to create a better future and peaceful world for everyone.