Phrases with 'BEST'

Phrases with 'BEST'

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All the most useful phrases with 'best' in one podcast! 

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Written and voiced by Mary Mironova

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Phrases with 'BEST'

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! 

You're the best! You always listen to my podcasts, thank you very much for that.
By the way – about ‘best'. Do you know many phrases with the word ‘best'?

Sarah doesn't like reading. She reads one book per month at best.

What does ‘at best' mean?
That's right, it means ‘in the best case', ‘at most', in the most positive situation.

How many books do you read each month at best?
Are you a bigger reading lover than Sarah?

* * * * *

This Sarah, who didn't like reading, went out for some time with a weird guy. None of her friends liked her boyfriend, but she said she loved him. Then this guy ditched her, and she was very sad for some time, but now she is happily married to a normal man and they already have two kids.

So it was all for the best.

What does ‘for the best' mean? It means that perhaps something is difficult right now, but it will improve the situation in the future. When this guy broke up with Sarah, it was not good for her. But because he'd broken up with her she met her husband. So in the end everything turned out great. It was for the best.

Did you have a difficult situation last year?
Was it for the best?

* * * * *

I had a difficult test today. I had studied very hard for it, and I did my best. I did the best I could.

Did I try hard? Yes, of course I did. I did my best! So what does ‘do one's best' mean? It means to do something as well as you possibly can.

Do you always try to do your best?
When can you let yourself not do your best?

* * * * *

Lillian is a great gymnast. But she didn't know if she could do a very complicated move after her injury.

She gave it her best shot, and was successful!

Did Lillian know that she would be able to do it? No, she didn't. So what does ‘to give something your best shot' mean? It means to try very very hard even if you don't know whether you can do it.

If someone asked you to dance salsa, would you give it your best shot?

* * * * *

When I went to my favorite coffee shop today, they didn't have my beloved caramel latte.

So I ordered a cappuccino, which was ‘second best' after latte.


Did I want cappuccino? I wanted latte in the beginning, but I couldn't have it. So latte was the best for me. But cappuccino was my next choice after latte, so it was not the best but second best. It's not as good as latte, but ok as well.

If you buy coffee, what do you usually buy?
What is the second-best kind of coffee for you?

So now you know some phrases about ‘best'. Give my best to your friends. What does ‘one's best' mean? Right, it means give my good wishes to those people. Well, best of luck!

See you soon again, I hope.