Amsterdam Police Rescued A Blow-up Doll

Amsterdam Police Rescued A Blow-up Doll


Amsterdam police rescued a blow-up doll! True story)


Voiced by Bob Skinner

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PC Notorious. Account of 10th 11th .2015

Well ... all I heard was … Alfa Bravo (thats me) code 2 with a 311 proceed with caution…just in case you didn't know Code 2 means Urgent - no light or no siren and a 311 which means Indecent exposure...
How was I supposed to know? It all happened so quickly. Residents in the area concerned about a lady observed through an upstairs window... reportedly… just standing there for a few hours, not moving, wearing nothing... but her….under garments!
Now I am a broadminded person…but this appeared to be going too far.

We Arrived at the scene 5 minutes after the call, noticing lights were on in the suspect's room, sure enough we could see the lady through the window wearing very little clothing, not moving… stationary.
We rang the doorbell a few times, but…. Still no  answer, I thought maybe she was deaf or  wearing  ear phones, even being held against the will by her partner because of a domestic dispute .
Making sure we had a female officer with us, I placed my foot firmly to the door and forced entry. Entering the establishment, brandishing our batons.(just in case there were other suspects in  the room of course),…err...all… appeared to be  silent, apart from the suspect standing  in a very peculiar manner, she appeared to be …to look like a …. She was a…

The suspect was nothing more than a blow up doll.