Planning the vacation? By plane? And have you heard the latest news about the airlines business?

Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Well, you think who the hell is on air? I'm Kyiv Chicken, your guide into shitty Ukrainian realities. I hate my job of a waitress. But I keep it. After the recent economical crisis, it's not the worst job I could find. Finally, I'm having my vacation soon! I'm going to South Spain I've been dreaming about for years.

In Spain, I'm going to drink wine, lots of wine. I'm going to have a daily siesta like all the locals do. I'm going to make friends for one day, chatting with random people, hitch-hiking, travelling to the mountains and to the sea. I'm going to make an amazing circle of cities: Malaga – Granada – Cordoba – Sevilla – Tarifa beach – and back to Malaga. My Spanish friend says that the Cadiz coast is wonderful.

Last week the whole Ukrainian Facebook was shaking with the news from the airlines business. Ryainair officially cancelled all flights from Kyiv and Lviv killing the dream of Ukrainians to fly cheap. Wizzair opened new flights Kyiv-Tallin and Kyiv-Lisbon. Qatar Airways, the best company in the world, opens daily flights from Kyiv in late August. Ukrainian International Airlines have recently lost low-cost tariffs after having compared lowcosts to cheap and direly trains. But Ryanair acted as a real heartbreaker. I'm a smartass and don't trust airline's promises. I'm going to Spain by bus.