App For Sinners

App For Sinners

A smartphone app for confession?


Voiced by Chad Albright  and Bob Skinner

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Bobby popped into Sam's cubicle, all wild-eyed.
- Break room, now!
Sam was right in the middle of a debugging session. He'd just found a potentially dangerous race condition. He hated being pulled out at such moments, but there was no arguing with Bobby.
- Dude, I got a killer idea for our start-up!
- Bobby, not again!
- You want to waste all your life doing enterprise Java? We need to make it big with a mobile app. You heard of Confessor GO, right?
- The app that helps locate priests in the nearby radius for convenient confession? I thought they were still in beta testing.
- They're up and running, man. Now it even shows the shortest route you can take to get to a priest.
- So…?
- We'll take this idea further. We'll cut out the middleman. No priests - a virtual confession booth: just text us your sins and receive personalized absolution.
Sam considered the possibilities. Bobby was really good at this new Swift thing with Apple, so an alpha of an app for iPhone could be ready within a week. Sam himself could do all the server-side work in Java. No need to rent a garage to host the data center, they'll just use a SaaS platform. And use a deep learning framework to build an AI to generate meaningful messages for absolutions. Hmm…
- Bobby, where's the profit?
- We'll accumulate the most complete database of sinners…
- And?..
- And then we'll sell it to Google for contextual advertising, duh! Where else will they get such targeting?