Choose Your Side: Are You British or American. Episodes 1 to 6 Test

Choose Your Side: Are You British or American. Episodes 1 to 6 Test

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Choose your side: Are you British or American. Episodes 1 to 6 Test
Hello, dearies Улыбаюсь

I've been telling you about the differences between British and American English for some time now, and suddenly I realized that I haven't given you an opportunity to check what type your own English belongs to! Are YOU British or American? Today we're going to find out.

So, I'll give you several tasks, and you need to think about your answers. Then I'll tell you the British answers and the American answers. If your answer is British, you score one British point. If your answer is American, you get one American point! We have two types of points, right? You add up all your British points and all your American points separately. Don't mix them up! Easy? Well, let's start.

Soooo task number 1.
You will need to think about the spelling of the following words and write them down. Then we'll check whether your spelling is British or American.

Word number 1. Color. Write it down on a piece of paper. Did you spell it COLOUR or COLOR? If you wrote COLOUR then you get one British point. If you wrote COLOR then one American point for you!

Word 2. Favorite. FaveOURite or FaveORite? If you wrote -OUR then you score one British point! If your answer was with -OR then add one American point to your total score.

Word 3. Center. If you wrote CENTER then you get one American point, if you spelled it like this: CENTRE then you score one British point.

Word 4. Meter. METER is American, add one point, and METRE is British, so one point goes there.

Word 5. Traveler. Did you spell it with one L or with a double L? If you spelled it TRAVELLER, then you score one British point, if you had only one L then you get one American point.

Well, here is task number two. I will give a definition of a word, and you need to think what word fits this definition. Then we'll try to understand whether your answer was British or American. Ready?

Word number 1. This is something you can watch in the cinema. If your answer was “a film”, then you get one more British point. If, however, you thought of a movie, then score one American point.

Word 2. This is something you can use to erase what you wrote with a pencil. Rubber or eraser? Which one is it for you? Rubber – one British point, eraser – one American point.

Word 3. It's a big car which can be used to transport huge boxes and containers. If you answered truck, then get one American point. If your answer was lorry, then you need to add one British point to your total.

Word 4, the last word in this task. This is in the back of your house, a piece of land with trees and a veranda. Is it a yard or a garden? If your answer is “garden” then you should add one British point to your score. If you answered “yard”, then you get plus one American point.

Last task!
Let's check out your pronunciation! Ready? I'll say a word in two different ways, and you need to choose the one which sounds more familiar to you.

So Doctor (Am) /Doctor (Br). If the first option sounds more familiar, then you've just scored another American point. If the second word sounds better, then you need to add one British point to your total.

Word 2. Car (Br) /Car (Am) The first one was British, the second – American. You know what to do.

Word 3. North (Br) /North (Am) Same thing. First – British, second – American.

Word 4. Tour (Am) /Tour (Br) this time, the first option was American, the second one is British. Add a point to the one you chose.

Word 5. Worker (Br) /Worker (Am) Number one was British, number two – American. I'll give you a second. Ready?

Word 6. Modern (Am) /Modern (Br) The first one was American, so, logically, the second one was British.

Now sum up your total American and British score!
Which one is bigger?
If your British score is much greater than your American score, then your English is more British than American. If your American score is much bigger than your British score, then you are certainly an American. If your scores are the same, or differ only slightly, then you're a bit confused, and use both British and American.

Anyhow, you should continue listening to our 'Choose your side' series and finally make up your mind! British or American?