Travel Light

Travel Light

Dear girls, today I’ll tell you how to travel light. I know that you know exactly what to pack in your suitcases. But I’m sure you don’t know what you shouldn’t take Улыбаюсь 


Written and voiced by Anna Fedichkina

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Travel Light

Dear girls, today I'll tell you how to travel light. I know that you know exactly what to pack in your suitcases. But I'm sure you don't know what you shouldn't take Улыбаюсь

So I prepared five simple tips about unnecessary stuff in your bags. Here they are:

1. I know you use a lot of beauty products at home and so do I. But you're not going to take part in a beauty contest ― you are just travelling for pleasure, so be natural, relax and enjoy yourself. I bet you don't really need two types of shampoos, conditioner, hair wax, volumizer, mousse, gel, spray and other stuff. I assure you that most hotels provide high quality soap, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, towels and even a hair dryer. It's enough, isn't it?!

2. The next advice is called “Simplify your makeup”. Please reduce the amount of items and put them in a transparent plastic zip-top bag cause it takes less space in your suitcase. Don't take new cosmetics that you haven't used earlier ― just everyday stuff. It's better to chose multipurpose products (such as, for example, your eyeshadow pencil that can serve as a liner).

3. Be honest with yourself: you don't need your jewellery on the beach, in museums and pubs (except for special occasions). But if you cannot imagine your life without a very expensive necklace or watch, get ready ― you have more chances to lose them (for example in transit) or be robbed while travelling.

4. The more comfortable your clothes are the better. And believe me: in most cases you won't change your clothes twice or thrice a day. If your holiday lasts only a week don't take more than two pairs of jeans, don't take several belts, too many T-shirts or your evening dresses you haven't ever worn. You are likely not to wear all of them. It's ridiculous to carry heavy luggage bags with useless stuff from hotel to hotel, from airport to airport. And don't torture your brother or boyfriend ― they carry their own heavy bags and they also want to enjoy their travelling and not to be a porter.

5. When you are packing your shoes ask yourself a question “Do I really need these?''. Most people who travel a lot agree that two pairs ― it's enough.  The main rule ― check the weather of your destination place. Your shoes should be quite comfortable, casual, light and multipurpose. For example you can wear your sneakers for walking, jogging and even hiking, and flip-flops ― on the beach or in shower.

I travel a lot and I do know ― the smaller my luggage bag, the more useful things I have in it and the more souvenirs I'll bring home Улыбаюсь


  • to travel light – to travel without heavy bags – путешествовать налегке
  • to pack – to fill for example a suitcase or bag with clothes and other items needed for travel – паковать вещи
  • a suitcase – a bag with a handle in which you carry your clothes while travelling — чемодан
  • transparent plastic zip-top bag – a cosmetics bag with objects easily seen through that can be unfastened or fastened where zipper – прозрачная полиэтиленовая косметичка на молнии
  • multipurpose – able to be used for many purposes – универсальный; многофункциональный
  • in transit – while being conveyed during passage – при перевозке, в пути (о грузах)
  • to be robbed – a situation in which somebody takes your things illegally by force ot threat or violence – быть ограбленным
  • to carry heavy luggage bags – to move bags of great weight of one place to another while travelling – нести тяжелые сумки
  • a luggage – a suitcase or bag in which you pack personal belongings for travelling – багаж
  • a porter – a person employed to carry luggage and other loads, esp. in a railway station, airport, or hotel – носильщик
  • to check the weather – to examine the weather forecast – проверять прогноз погоды
  • a destination place – a place to which somebody is going to arrive – место назначения