Diet And Yoga

Diet And Yoga

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If you wanna be healthy it doesn't mean that you have to completely refuse tasty food. You should be in a harmony with your body and yoga will help you with that.


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Before I started yoga, my favorite go to foods were burgers and pizza.  I was not able to make the connection between how I felt and what I ate.  
After starting a regular yoga practice I was more in tune with my body.  I quickly noticed that after eating fast food/overly processed foods I felt lethargic and bloated.  I had no desire to move my body.  Once I started to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, I felt much better.  My practice became easier and more joyful.
Yoga also promotes doing no harm (Ahimsa).  Some yogis take this to mean they should become vegetarians so as not to do harm to animals.  Some decide to eat only ethically raised meats and fish.  You can also practice Ahimsa on yourself.  By eating well and having a regular yoga practice you are being kind to yourself.  Once you stop doing harm to yourself you can see many benefits.
As you experiment with different asanas, you may become more experimental in your food choices.  Take a chance and try quinoa or kale!
Once you start moving your body you quickly make the connection between the fuel you put into your body and how it impacts the effort your body can make.
Weight loss is also a benefit of eating well and regular practice. You may also benefit from better sleep if you eat well.
There is always space in a good diet for a little fun!  You can still eat pizza or burgers as long as you eat healthy most of the time.