How to Negotiate

How to Negotiate

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In this podcast you'll find out useful phrases connected with negotiation.


Voiced by Gregory Theiner

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How to Negotiate

Body Partyboy hasn't been such a party animal all his life. Before he became a local bar-fly, he had been an obedient child and a studious pupil for long years. Here's a story about his first party when he was 16. There was a Halloween party at the college where he was studying, but his mom was convinced her son had to study hard and ignore such insignificant events as parties. If it had been an academic conference, she would have packed his baggage at once. But in this case Body had no choice but to negotiate. So he started:

“Dear mum, if possible I'd like to go to the Halloween Party this Saturday and I need some money for a vampire costume. Vampires are very popular among girls now, so I hope to pick up a nice girl, because all my group mates have girlfriends and I'm the only guy, who is alone.”

“I understand what you are saying my dear, but you are only 16 and have a plenty of time to meet a nice girl in the future, but now I want you to study hard and to get a degree, because it's very important for your future career. And when you get a good job, believe me, honey, you won't know how to get rid of all those girls.”

Body predicted such an answer, he had heard this phrase hundreds of times, so to make the negotiation more successful he decided to try another strategy:

“I know, mommy, you are definitely right and I will study hard during the week. If necessary I could also offer to do more housework in return. Thank you very much for worrying about my future, but being at this party is so important for me, please, let me go!”

“I'm very pleased with your initiative to take more responsibility and do some extra housework, sweetheart, but it's not what you should be doing now. I guess we could compromise on writing a research paper in exchange for my permission to attend that party. But you have to be back home not later than 12 p.m. and no alcohol!”

“Oh, mom, it doesn't sound like a win-win situation, I hoped to stay there later, and…can I have at least one can of beer?”

“Beer?! Oh, you're like a real vampire, you're bleeding me dry! No! I've changed my mind, you stay at home! Forget it!”