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What is green transport and why to care. Listen to our podcast and go green!


Voiced by Kate Vasylieva

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We all realize that our vehicles cause pollution, which in turn causes damage to the environment and health problems. The world's population should consider using ecological transportation already now, if we want to continue living on Earth.
Bicycles are the number one environmentally-friendly mode of transport. Cycling greatly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It improves physical condition. And it's not expensive. An alternative to a regular bicycle is an electric bike. After you start pedaling, turn the throttle to get a boost. All you need to keep moving is light pedaling from time to time. For this kind of vehicle you don't need a special license, registration or insurance.
EcoReco is a foldable, compact and very lightweight eco- scooter. It works on a rechargeable electric battery. This scooter has a quiet motor that can gather speed up to 30 km/h.
Segways have become very popular recently as well. A Segway is a two-wheeled electric vehicle with handlebars in the middle. Segways use gyroscopes to remain upright and move in the direction in which their rider leans. They can gather speed up to 20 km/h and are advertized as the “greenest” way to travel.
An alternative to a Segway is an IO Hawk. It operates similar to a Segway, but it doesn't have handlebars. Moreover it's equipped with bright lights, which will make you noticeable for other drivers and pedestrians. An IO Hawk is controlled by the motor, the balance and body pressure of its rider.
One more option is an electric motorcycle. As it's powered by batteries it doesn't pollute the environment. However, the production of grid power for charging its batteries may be harmful. Some electric motorcycles have many components produced from recycled materials, some use fuel cell technology.
Of course it's not easy to convince people to change their transportation preferences to environmentally-friendly choices. For some of us it's just too expensive. But still, slow progress is being made. I believe the future belongs to these wonderful inventions.