Expressions with MAKE

Expressions with MAKE

We use the verb "make" in many important phrases. Listen to this podcast to learn how to use them!


Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Expressions with "MAKE" 

Hello, guys Улыбаюсь hope you're having a wonderful day, because right now I'm going to tell you about expressions with the verb “make”.

Do you know what “to make a fuss” means? It means to worry about something unnecessarily. For example, my mother always makes a fuss about getting packed for the holidays. She worries about it and as a result forgets something important.

Do you make a fuss about getting ready for the holidays?
Do your friends make a fuss about something unimportant? Tell meУлыбаюсь 

I sometimes make mistakes when I'm learning how to cook. For example, once I forgot to add oil or butter while cooking the steaks and in the end I burned them! What does “ make mistakes” mean? It means to do something wrong, not the right way.

Do you often make mistakes in English? Подмигиваю

My family always makes time for me when I want to visit them, even if they're very busy. They put away all their plans and they spend time with me.
So, what does " make time for" mean? It means to arrange to have time for something or someone.

Do you make time for your friends when they need you?

When I was small, I made new friends every week. I started to talk with someone and I instantly understood if we could be friends.
Did you get what “ make friends” means? You're right! It means to start being friends with someone.

Do you often make friends now?

When my friends gets a little drunk, he often makes a fool of himself, and everybody laughs at the way he behaves. What does “ make a fool of oneself” mean?
Of course! It means to make someone look foolish or stupid.

Have you ever made a fool of yourselfУлыбаюсь

When I was a little girl, I used to make believe that I was a princess in a big castle and that millions of princes were fighting each other to become my husband. Sounds foolish now, doesn't it?
So, what does “ make believe” mean? Yay! It means pretend, imagine.

Do you ever make believe that you're someone different? Why?

When I'm bored and I don't like what my friends are talking about, I make an excuse and go talk to someone else. I say something like “oh, excuse me, I need to get some water, I'll be right back” or something similar and walk away.
So what does “ make an excuse” mean?
Aaaand yes! You're right! It means to offer a reason not to do something. In my example, I offered a reason why I couldn't participate in the conversation. 

You can also make an excuse FOR someone, for example:

Allison had to make an excuse for her boyfriend Jackson when he didn't come to the party.

Do you often make excuses when you don't want to talk to someone?

So now you know several new phrases with the verb “make”.
Hope you enjoyed our conversation! I sure did!