First Love

First Love

Is it a good idea to marry your first love? What are advantages and disadvantages? Listen to our new podcast about first love. 


Voiced by: Sydney Shore

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He's your first love. Oh, my God, this is it! You believe he is the one and you can't even imagine marrying somebody else. But no need to rush. Let's consider main advantages and disadvantages of marrying your first love.
One of the greatest things of marrying your first love is that you have a long-term relationship. You grew up alongside and you know and trust each other.
You have seen each other through all the stages of life. And the longer you are together the more precious memories you share.
Marrying your first love means you won't be burden with the past. Many people bring issues from the former relationships to the current one. It's not intentional, but it can be damaging. You won't have that problem. Moreover, there won't be any crazy ex that may come back into your life and mess everything up. It's very good to know that your partner's dating history is just you.
You may become role models for your own kids.
Now let's talk about disadvantages…
Your first love is probably the first and only person you had sex with. And the pitfall can be if he's not that good in bed, but since you have nothing to compare to, you just might think this is what sex is like.
When you marry your first love you miss important life experiences, because each new relationship teaches us valuable lessons.
You may loose the sense of identity. You two grew up alongside, but did you grow up as the individuals? A consuming relationship makes people forget about their own development.
And the last but not least, you may miss out on living by yourself, which is crucial for formation of your individuality.
First love never dies, but true love can bury it alive. So don't confuse your first love with your true love.