Greeny. Story 4. I'm hungry!

Greeny. Story 4. I'm hungry!

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Story 4. I'm hungry!

It's lunchtime and I'm hungry. So, I go to wash my hands and then I will eat.

Let's see what I have got in my kitchen. Well, there are some plates and cups. And I have got a glass, a knife, a spoon and a fork.

What about food? No, I haven't got any food. But it's not a problem – I know the magic words for food. What would I like to eat? Some soup and bread? No, I don't like soup. Maybe a pizza? That sounds nice. I can have a pizza with cheese, tomatoes and meat. Rizza-Bizza- Pizza! I've got a pizza now. Oh, it's too big – I can't eat one big pizza alone. Maybe I can eat a sandwich with fish or sausage? No, I don't want a sandwich. I know - chicken and spaghetti. Fried chicken is delicious and I really like spaghetti. Netti-Betti- Spaghetti! Oh, that's too much for lunch and I can't eat that much. What about fruit? Let's try. Tana-Mana- Banana! Now I have got a banana. Yummy-yummy. It's yellow and tasty, but I am still hungry. Leips-Meips- Grapes! Wow! I've got grapes. Oh, they are sour and I don't like them. Well, then – Daple-Maple- Apple! Well, it's a big red and sweet apple. I like it. Good. Now I'm full but thirsty. What do I want to drink? Dea-Nea- Tea! I've got a cup of tea. Oh no, my tea is too hot and I can't drink it. I will try again. Foos-Boos-Juice! Now I've got a glass of orange juice. I drink it – it's sour but very tasty. I think I like fruits and orange juice the most. And what do you like to eat?