Hotel Porter. Part 4. Life Stages and Relationship

Hotel Porter. Part 4. Life Stages and Relationship

Mr Truman witnesses an argument between a married couple. It gives him some thoughts about relationship.

Listen and learn even more vocabulary about relationship. 


Written and voiced by Arina Sidorkina

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Hotel Porter. Part 4. Life Stages and Relationship

Divorce is not the end of the world. Maybe it is even a kind of beginning. Two people have just decided to start with a clean slate. From now on each of them will have a new place to live, a new way to get to work, and many new hobbies in order to  forget their old life. Basically divorce is even good and could be celebrated like graduation that brings new opportunities to our routine life.

Obviously two new guests didn't think so. For more than forty minutes Mr. Truman had been watching a bloody struggle between a man and a woman who were going to divorce.

- Excuse me, when we were in our mid twenties, you were much more caring and thoughtful! You didn't use to flirt with every second girl! I thought I would have a faithful husband who would never cheat on me! And what do I have now? Tell me, what?

- Honey, it is humiliating. I've never cheated on you. You are the only woman I always loved. Now please let's go home.

- Loved? That's how you call it?! Love! You even didn't give me a ring when you were proposing!

- Darling! I gave you it the day after our engagement! It was not my fault and you know it!

- And when we got married you started to spend time with your coworkers and friends! You spend your weekend with acquaintances you hardly know! But you find it impossible to help my mom in the garden! You constantly have rows with my relatives! That's not what people call “love”, Garry!

- You know, you are quite idolizing your mom. She is nothing like an angel. She looks down on me! What can I do?

- She is upbringing our children while you are having a love affair at work!

- Oh, come on! I love our children and spend much time with them!

- Sure! And that's why you were in another country when I was in labour and…

- That was a business trip. You know it was an important issue for both of us. And now I just want you to calm down and go home.

- I'm not going home until I know the truth. Did you stay in this hotel with her? Tell me, Garry, tell me the truth.

- Oh…

Mr. Truman met that man quite frequently. Almost every Friday Garry came to the hotel, checked in and occupied the same room for one night. But every time he was absolutely alone. All he needed was just some peace and rest. And now he definitely was in trouble. At first Mr. Truman was going to come up to that woman and tell her the truth. He felt like he had to tell her that her husband did stay in the hotel but never slept with another woman here. But then he changed his mind and decided not to meddle in their business.

People meet, fall in love, get married, and give birth to children. But it's not only about lovey-dovey stuff. Relations can be a thorny path. You might get tired of each other and split up, or stay together and can't stand being under the same roof. But whatever happens you have to learn your lessons. Nobody can help you to do this. That's why Mr. Truman was just standing and watching their terrible argument and didn't say anything. The woman left in tears and her husband went to the bar. Mr.

Truman called his wife:

- Hello, dear. I was just wondering if you are ok. What are the children doing? Yes, today we are playing bridge. At Paolo's place, as usual. No, don't worry about me, I won't be hungry. Love you.