Hotel Porter. Part 6. Art

Hotel Porter. Part 6. Art

Mr Truman didn't know anything about art. But one day he had to learn a lot about it. Why? 

Listen to this podcast and you will find out why!


Written and voiced by Arina Sidorkina

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Hotel Porter. Part 6. Art

Very seldom people hang an original of a famous painting in the hotel. Even the most luxurious hotels prefer to decorate their walls with copies rather than original paintings. Anyway most of people can hardly tell a copy from an original painting, so there is no sense to throw oodles of money at a masterpiece no one appreciates. The hotel where Mr. Truman works is not an exception. There are few replicas in the lobby, in the corridor and in five deluxe suites. Robert Truman has never been a culture vulture, but he knows very well names of those several paintings, he can tell who created them and can even deliver a brief report about each of them. Why an ordinary porter knows that much about art? Here is the story.

One morning Robert came to work, changed his clothes and stroke up a conversation with another porter in the lobby. A very eccentric and peculiar woman came into the hall.

- Can I help you? – Robert asked her.

- Thank you, I'm okay. I'm waiting for my friend. I would just look around if you don't mind, - said the woman.

- No, absolutely not, - Robert replied and went back to the reception desk.

She spoke in such a manner as if she was an actress. Not to mention her theatrical and far-fetched gestures. In half an hour or so it was absolutely obvious that her friend was late. The extraordinary woman got bored and approached Mr. Truman.

- You have very nice canvases in your lobby, - said the woman.

- We are happy you like them, Madam, - Robert tried to finish the conversation but at the same time to sound polite.

- Oh, they all are really breathtaking. Especially that one, near the ficus tree. Come with me, I will show you something. What is your name?

- Robert. I'm Robert Truman,-said the porter with no enthusiasm.

- Mr. Truman, do you know who painted that picture? That one with a dancing couple and umbrellas?

- I have no idea…

- Oh, I don't believe that! Every day you have a great pleasure to observe such a brilliant masterpiece and never had intention to learn more?! Shame on you! The name of this painting is “Singing Butler”. A person who chose to hang it in the lobby of a hotel is a witty man, I think. A man and a woman can have this wonderful opportunity to dance under the rain because butlers really take care of them.

- This is very interesting, Madam. I appreciate…

- The artist's name is Jack Vettriano. He is a genius, one of the most outstanding and talented artists! Whose paintings do you like most, Mr. Truman?

Mr. Truman liked paintings of George Truman, his son, five years old child. And he also liked peace and silence. That woman was getting more and more annoying and the only wish Mr. Truman had was to get rid of her. But the arty lady was going on and on. She told everything she knew about all paintings she could find in the hotel including reproductions on the postcards. After that she explained in details what masterpieces she would buy if she had money and why.

The next day Robert Truman went to the bookshop and asked for a book about the worlds famous paintings. “Next time when somebody asks me about the paintings in our hotel, - thought Mr. Truman, - I will not waste my time on listening long and boring lectures. I will answer the questions very quickly and return to my business”. But nobody ever asked him about the paintings anymore. Sometimes when Mr. Truman sees this book at the reception desk, he even feels sorry nobody is interested in those masterpieces.