Hotel Reservation: Reservation, Check-in, Check-out

Hotel Reservation: Reservation, Check-in, Check-out

Listen to these conversations to learn some useful phrases for your hotel reservations and stays. 


Voiced by Mickey Cesar and Mary Mironova

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Hotel Reservation

On the phone. Reservation. 

Grand Hotel. How may I help you?

– Good afternoon! I'd like to book two single rooms for six nights from the 5th to the 10 th of May. Do you have any rooms available?

– Yes, we do. But unfortunatelly, we haven't got any single rooms. A huge conference is taking place at that period, so the hotel is reserved for that event. 

– And what's the rate for a double room?

– It's 134 dollars a night plus tax if you want a double facing the park.

– And what about twin rooms?

– One minute, please, let me check if there are any left… Yes, there are a few twin rooms available. They cost 192 dollars a night.

– Is breakfast included?

– Yes, it is.

– Great. Please, reserve one twin room for me.

– Would you like a smoking or non-smoking room?

– Smoking, please.

– Alright. May I have your name, please?

– Robert Diers.

– Would you, please, spell your surname for me?

– D-I-E-R-S.

– May I have your phone number, please?

– Yes, it is 0976316774.

– Thank you! The room is booked now. May I have your email address, please, to send you a confirmation letter?

– Yes, it's [email protected].

– Thank you! Is there anything else I can do for you, Sir?

– Yeah, when is check-out?

– It's 1 p. m.

– And may I ask for a late check-out?

– Yes, you may have a late check-out for an extra payment. It costs 12 dollars.

– Well, thank you. I'll think about it.

– Thank you for choosing our hotel. Have a nice day, Sir!


At the front desk. Check-in.

– Hello! My name is Robert Diers. I'd like to check in. I have a reservation for a single room.

– Hello, sir! May I have your name one more time, please?

– Robert Diers.

– And how do you spell it, Sir?

– D-I-E-R-S.

– Thank you… Oh, I see it now. Would you please fill in this registration form?

– Ok. ……. I'm done.

– Thank you, sir. Here is your key. Your room number is 375. You may take the elevator and go to the second floor, then turn right. The room will be on your left. Enjoy your stay.

– Thank you. By the way, is there a telephone in the room?

– Yes, there is.

– And are the calls free?

– Yes, sir. Local calls are free.

– Can I use an iron?

– Yes, irons are available in the self-service laundry. It's on the second floor.

– And what about the Wi-Fi code?

– The Wi-Fi code is 2112.

– Thank you.


– Good afternoon, Madam! I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I'd like to ask you to prepare my bill.

– No problem, Mr. Diers. May I know if you are paying in cash or by credit card?

– Do you accept Visa cards?

– Yes, we do.

– Can I split the payment into two credit cards?

– Certainly, Sir.

– Great! Thank you! I've got one more question, though. Is it possible for me to store my luggage in the hotel for a couple of hours after check-out?

– Yes, sir. You may leave your luggage on the first floor in the storage room. And would you be so kind as to fill out this questionnaire, we really care about your opinion and would like to know if you enjoyed staying with us.

– I really enjoyed it, thanks. I'll bring the questionnaire back when I return my key.

– Thank you.