More Strategies for Increasing Your Financial Aid in the U.S.

More Strategies for Increasing Your Financial Aid in the U.S.


Studying in the United states is expensive. Besides the financial aid system can be very  confusing. But we want to give you some tips that can make it much easier for you in the long run. Listen to our podcasts and learn more about scholarships, grants, loans and funding.  

Voiced by: Ann Merrill

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There are several ways to improve your chances for financial aid to study in the U.S. Most important is to thoroughly research all your options. Find out if what funding is available at each university where you are applying – university financial aid, departmental scholarships, diversity grants, athletic scholarships, assistantships, etc. It is important to start early, as financial aid application deadlines may be earlier than the admissions application deadline.

You should apply for as many financial aid opportunities as possible. While there are some full rides, it is much more common to receive partial funding. Most students are able to combine several partial scholarships to put together a better financial aid package.

Go the extra mile for your application. Don't accept the attitude “Is this good enough?”. Rather, you should always think “What else can I do to strengthen my application?”. If there are optional components, definitely submit them with your application. Remember, you want to demonstrate your value to the university – that you are smart, you are a hard-worker, and you will be an asset to the campus community. Every component of your application should be neat, complete and professional. Ask an English teacher or a friend to check your application, especially your statement of purpose, to be sure everything is clear, correct and complete. Pay attention to deadlines to make sure you submit on time!