My Midsummer Night’s DreamCome True

My Midsummer Night’s DreamCome True

Is this story about love? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just about Shakespeare.


Voiced by Vivica Williams

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Her name was Mia. She always had this small book in her hand, opened to some poem she was memorizing. She never shouted out “here!” during morning roll-call like everyone else; rather, she raised her hand and wiggled her fingers instead.

We were at a summer camp in the mountains, near a lake. I had never enjoyed camp until the year Mia came. And then I never wanted camp to end.

We were both 15, but Mia seemed so much more mature. She always had her book of poetry, which easily slipped into the pocket of her shorts. And she never complained about the humidity or wished for an air conditioner instead of the outdoors.

Mia appeared to be involved in everything that was going on. She led hiking trips, helped in the kitchen in the mornings, and even sometimes chopped the wood for the evening campfires. Yet, she was quite comfortable with her own company, spending hours alone boating on the lake.

One evening, I was sitting on the deck with my legs dangling into the warm lake water. The moonlight was bright, and the sky was bursting with stars. I was looking at the constellations when I felt someone sit down beside me.

Mia sat, not saying anything, but I knew it was her. So, I whispered, “Look at those stars. ‘My soul is in the sky'.”

I could feel her turn towards me as she said, “Shakespeare. Nice.”

From that moment on, we were always together. Yet the time came, as it does every summer, that camp ended. We had to return to our school and family lives. And, as the leaves begin to change, I sit here and think about that magical summer with Mia that changed my life forever.