Phrases with "TIME"

Phrases with "TIME"

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Today we are going to talk about expressions with the word 'time'. Listen to our podcast and use your time wisely!


Voiced by Mary Mironova

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Phrases with 'TIME'

Hello, my dear listeners! How have you been all this time? And speaking of time, do you have time to listen to my new podcast? Улыбаюсь I have decided to tell you about expressions with the word … 'time'!

Today my boss finally gave me the document I've been asking for for three weeks! About time, too! 

So, did my boss give the document as soon as I'd asked? No, he didn't. He should have given it to me earlier. But he didn't have any time, so he postponed giving me the document. And when I said ' about time!' I was commenting on his action. I wanted to show you that I think he did it too late, and that he needed to do this earlier.

Think of a situation that happened to you today which you can comment with the phrase ' About time!'
Can you tell me about this situation? Улыбаюсь

* * * * *

Liza is calling me, telling me that we need to go to our friends' party. They are throwing a housewarming party tonight, and we're already kind of late…

But I told Liza not to worry, we'll get to our friends' house in less than no time!

What does 'in less than no time' mean? Will we need two hours to get to our friends' house? Or will we get there quickly? Absolutely right. We'll get there quickly, in less than no time. It means that we will need 'less than zero minutes' to do this.

What can you do in less than no time?

* * * * *

This morning Kelly was taking her Mathematics exam. Everything was going great, until she understood that she'd answered only half of the questions and she had only half an hour left!

She was running out of time!

In half an hour her teacher said 'Time's up! Hand in your tests!' Kelly managed to do everything and got an A. Have you noticed a 'time' phrase here? That's right. 'To run out of time'. Do you know what that means? Did Kelly have enough time? No, she didn't have enough time. So 'to run out of time' means to have no or little time left.

Did you run out of time while you were doing something last week?

Kelly's teacher had said 'Time's up!' at the end of the test. What did she mean? That's right, she meant that the given amount of time had ended.

* * * * *

Mr. Nichols accidentally killed his boss while his boss was trying to fire him. Now Mr. Nichols is serving time. Where is Mr. Nichols? He's in prison, that's right. So what does 'serve time' mean? Correct. It means to spend a certain amount of time in jail.

Do you know anyone who has served time?
Would you stay friends with a person who served time in jail?

* * * * *

Whenever I have time to spare I usually read a book or watch an interesting movie. Do I often have time to do this? No, unfortunately, I don't. I usually don't have time to spare. What does 'time to spare' mean? Can you guess? I'll help you. Time to spare means extra time, time which you can use as you like.

What do you do when you have time to spare?

So now you know some expressions with the word 'time'. Use your time wisely, and listen to the next podcast in this series!
See you next time Улыбаюсь