Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Eyelid surgery is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery procedures performed in South Korea.


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Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Nowadays South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. Since 2009 the biggest number of such operations has been performed in this country. 20% of all South Korean women have gone under the knife. To compare, in the USA only one in eighty women becomes a client of aesthetic centers.
Eyelid surgery is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery procedures performed in South Korea. The thing is, most Korean people don't have an eyelid crease. The so-called “monolid” eyes create a tired and sleepy look. A double lid is considered more beautiful and many South Korean women want to have a more defined and beautiful look. Anti-aging procedures like face lifting are also popular.
In addition to facial surgeries body contouring, including breast jobs has become very popular recently as well.
The reason for such an enormous popularity of plastic surgery in South Korea is that Korean society is highly competitive. Everybody knows that people with more attractive appearance have better chances to get a desired job. Especially since in South Korea a resume typically includes a photo.
Not only women, but men as well have aesthetic surgery done. Up to 20% of plastic surgeons' clients in the country are men.
In South Korea cosmetic surgery is considered a worthwhile investment. It has become so prevalent that many parents encourage their kids to go under the knife, and even give cosmetic surgeries as birthday presents.
This cultural phenomenon is now known as “Korean Plastic Surgery Boom”. Beauty has become crucial for the everyday life of South Koreans. It's a well-known fact that in modern Korea a perfect looking woman should be slim, with a toned body and a young face. That's why South Korean women see plastic surgery as a practice that will change their life and turn it into a fairy tale.