The importance of Self Education

The importance of Self Education

Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.
Isaac Asimov


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The importance of Self Education

The importance of education is stressed upon us from an early age by both our teachers and our parents. They've always encouraged us in our studying and in our desire to attend university. But if you think that the knowledge you received at university is enough and that there's no reason to continue studying, you're sorely mistaken.
As Habeeb Akande put it, “Formal education makes you a living; self-education makes you a legend.”
Why do we need to educate ourselves? Well, the pace of technological progress has increased greatly over the past few decades. Technologies come and go faster than we are able to learn them. Working-class jobs disappear because advanced technologies like robots replace humans. And those few remaining positions require employees with a higher educational level. In addition, these workers need to possess knowledge that can't be received at school or university. That is why self-education is so crucial nowadays. We need to constantly update and expand our knowledge in order to be successful or, at least, employed.
How should you start? Just pick up a book on a subject you're interested in or take a beginner's course. It's as simple as that! You can learn a little bit about everything, or you can concentrate on mastering a single subject. It's up to you. You make your own choices and you're responsible for your personal growth.
Even the simplest things like reading and writing skills should be constantly upgraded since they deteriorate with time. You should constantly read. It can be anything you like. And writing is just as important as reading. You can keep a journal or write essays or stories. Maybe carry a notebook so you can jot down anything that comes to mind. And believe me, you'll find you have more to write about than you think. By these means (keeping a journal, writing stories) you will be able to learn to use words more effectively.
As you can see, self-education doesn't have to cost a lot. If you can find some free workshops, attend them. There might be notifications about some community-sponsored classes in the local newspapers. You can also take free online courses. Or maybe use somebody's old textbooks. Another great way is to find a mentor. Becoming somebody's apprentice will help you to build valuable skills in the field you're interested in.
And the cheapest and simplest way to obtain a free education is to check out books from the library. There is, however, one disadvantage. The information you find in the books may be outdated, so just remember to always double check.
Now, maybe you're worried that without a schedule or a teacher, you might slack off. It's true that a lack of discipline can be a potential obstacle in your path. But if you really want something, then it's possible. Just keep yourself motivated. Always remind yourself why are you doing this. Determination and drive are crucial to your success.