Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

What would you advice in such situation?


Voiced by Bob Skinner, Chad Albright, Ann Merrill, Cheryl White

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1. My girlfriend's best friend is a guy. I'm not comfortable with this situation.
Dan, 21 y.o.
Her best friend is a guy? Wow, that's a major red flag. You bet you're uncomfortable. I'd be mad as hell at this chick, if I were you. Men and women can't be «just friends». She's probably two-timing you, buddy. If you ask me, I'd start looking for a new girlfriend. But if you'd rather keep her, take my advice - set her straight at once. Show her now who wears the pants in your relationship. A guy friend, really? Tell her you won't stand for this. You could give her an ultimatum: it's either him, or you. Unless he's gay. Then let it be. This way you'll never have to go shoe shopping with her or listen to her complain about women's stuff. What's that? Do I have a girlfriend? No. Why d'you ask?

2. My boyfriend is always staring at the phone when we're together.
Loren, 30 y.o.
If your boyfriend keeps staring at his phone, ignoring you, why don't you discuss this as a couple? Just don't nag him about it. Try expressing your displeasure calmly and politely. Don't just accuse him of being inconsiderate to your feelings. Try getting to the bottom of this situation. Maybe there is a reason he's so distant. If you ask me, this is a sure sign that something's bothering him. Have you thought of asking him which of your habits annoy him? I think his answer may surprise you. But then again, if he favors his phone more than you, this could mean he's just not that into you. In this case, how about asking yourself: do you really want to waste your time and energy on this insensitive jerk?

3. My wife doesn't allow me to hang out with my buddies.
Chris, 35 y.o.
Wives are sometimes referred to as «the old ball and chain». You know why? Because they want to chain you to your house! Your wife should've realized that you need to have your «me time». If I were you, I'd try to explain her that spending some time apart is actually good for your relationship. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If reasoning with her doesn't work, you could always bargain. Try bribing her with gifts or favors. Promise her you'll do some household chores for a week if she lets you go fishing with your buddies, or something. Also, why don't you take her along and introduce her to your friends? Maybe that'll make her less anxious? Yes, I know, this all sounds like a lot of work, but as the song goes, you've got to fight for your right to party.

4. I'm 25 and single and my family keep asking me when I'm getting married.
Megan, 25 y.o.
I hear you, sister! My folks used to be on my case all the time. I've tried everything: fighting, arguing, crying, and pleading. Once I even stopped talking to them for a month. But take my advice, nothing works better than just ignoring these questions altogether. Have you thought of just smiling back and asking them to back off? This is your life, and you're the only one who should be choosing how to live it. If you ask me, you getting married won't make your family shut up. They'll just move on to the next best thing: babies! So how about telling them to leave you alone and mind their own business? Sure, this might ruffle their feathers, but who cares? I say go for it.