Secrets of Moneysaving

Secrets of Moneysaving

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How do you save your earnings?

Listen to this podcast to get some tips on moneysaving.


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Wtitten and voiced by Vera Sokolova

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Secrets of Moneysaving

How often do you try to save money? If you are anything like me you probably do it once in a blue moon. It's not that I'm made of money, I do have a budget that I'm forced to stick to, yet I can't seem to say “no” when it comes to little extravagances. I've read all the “financially fit” advice on how you can save a fortune by going grocery shopping once a week with a clear list, but what if this perfect little piece of cheese (obviously NOT in the list) is staring right at me? I cannot say no to it, can I? And so what if you get a much better deal buying books online, what if I like the process of touching them in the actual bookshop? And what's with all the buying warm clothes and boots in advance, it's obvious they will go out of fashion by the time I even get a chance to wear them?

Well, times change, and once you start living on your own and pay your own bills you get to see what money is really worth. No, it's not that I now spend my time cutting out coupons that entitle you to discounts on food, but I have changed. These days if I come across a dress which I fancy, I don't reach for my purse at once. I check out a few other shops to see if I can find a discount on a similar item. Moreover, I discovered that food stops costing the earth if you cook it at home rather than eat out. And, surprise, surprise, you can save up a small fortune by simultaneously giving up your gym membership and cutting down on the taxi rides, natural fitness plus extra money, isn't that the dream?

To sum up, I still don't have money to burn, yet finally have started putting some money aside and getting some interest. Who knows, I might need that if they ever have a big sale at Prada's… Улыбаюсь