We Are All Beautiful in Unique Ways

We Are All Beautiful in Unique Ways

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Brains are the new tits. 
Ordinarily, the Pirelli calendar is known for sexiness, beauty and glamour. In 2016 Pirelli Calendar features 13 women of outstanding professional, social, cultural, sporting and artistic accomplishment. Say goodbye to supermodels. 

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Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

For over 50 years the Pirelly calendar has shot a countless number of women considered to be sexy. The calendar is designed to show gorgeous women posing in positions that look like classic pin-up girls. The calendar sells many copies annually and is designed to keep buyers looking at the enticing and sexy images of the female models.

The idea of sexy female models taking their clothes off to sell products is not a new idea. In fact, it is a rather outdated approach to the “Sex sells” marketing tactic. Apparently the world-class photographer, Annie Leibovitz, feels the same way about antiquated pin-up calendars. She decided to shake things up for the 2016 calendar. Instead of taking shots of traditionally sexy women, Leibovitz decided to photograph women who are attractive for possessing attainable traits that real women have. This year's models are not perfectly skinny. They have bumps and lumps in places deemed “unattractive” by many.

Leibovitz ditched the perfectly hard bodies of professional actresses in order to shoot real women who are known for their brains, skills, humor, or noble actions. This shake up is causing the Internet to explode with blogs and articles about the brave move of the calendar for putting untraditional models on their pages. Many consider the change in models to show that the world today is starting to accept women as being attractive for more than just a huge rack and a tight ass.

While I agree that this bold and divergent act on behalf of Leibovitz, I am also disgusted at the public's reaction to this calendar. Women like comedienne Amy Schumer and star athlete Serena Williams are in no way unattractive. Has anyone ever doubted how sexy these women have been all along? Why is it so shocking to learn that these smart, sexy, independent women have chosen to model for a sexy calendar? Like many people, I feel shocked about this calendar, but the shock I feel has nothing to do with the models. Rather, my shock is completely related to the antiquated beliefs of sexiness that society is showing in this situation. It's a scandal that the world is surprised to notice these women as being sexy.

Moreso than being tired of seeing other women objectified for their smooth complexion or rail thin figures, I am a woman who is tired of being told how brave people are for being sexy. We must stop thinking that others are revolutionizing sexy when all they are doing is highlighting something that the average woman already knows:

We are all beautiful in unique ways.

Society needs to jump on board with this idea above. Words like attractive, beautiful, enticing, eye-catching, or sexy need to become words we apply to all women.