The Best Fake Restaurant

The Best Fake Restaurant

A fake restaurant became the number 1 restaurant in London! Can you believe it? 

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A fake restaurant became the number 1 restaurant in London! Can you believe it? A blogger wanted to see if he could make the best rated eatery on TripAdvisor. And he did. First, he made a listing on the website. Then, he asked friends to write fake reviews. After this, people began to call to book a table.When you call to make a reservation, you usually tell them the day, time, and number of people. And most of the time, a restaurant will have a free table. For very popular restaurants, sometimes you have to book days, weeks, or months in advance. Do you know how hard it is to book a table at a fake restaurant? It goes like this. Ring, ring. Hello? Yes, I'd like to book a table for 5 people for tomorrow night. Sorry, we are all booked for the next six weeks. No tables available? That means this fake restaurant must be a hit. And people wanted to come. The blogger was shocked. He didn't expect guests. He just wanted to create a fake listing. So the blogger stopped answering the phone. When he did answer, he lied. Hundreds of people called. They really wanted to eat at the restaurant. So they emailed reservations four months in advance. Then people from all over the world wrote him to reserve a table. The blogger didn't know what to do. Finally, TripAdvisor sent him an email. It said that almost 90,000 people looked at his restaurant listing in just one day. Now his restaurant was now the number one in London. And not one meal served! What could he do? The blogger finally decided to open hisl restaurant, but for only one night. He cleaned up his backyard. He bought frozen dinners. And he asked his friends to help microwave and serve food. Then he took reservations for his fake restaurant. But he didn't charge the diners for the meal. Guests seemed to like the food and the atmosphere. One couple asked if they could get another reservation. The blogger was speechless. People thought they ate at the best rated restaurant in London. This goes to show the power of ratings.