• The «holiday» for children, is it also a holiday for their parents? Let’s listen to some phobias of adults before the September 1st. Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 05.09.18
  • When did you go to the zoo the last time? Probably it’s time to visit this place again?   Voiced by Cheryl White

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  • We all like a good party, right? Today we'll take a look at five types of people you will meet during your parties and figure out how to recognize them and, in some cases, ignore them.   Voiced by…

    Added 14.06.17
  • If your cubicle feels like a cage and the daily commute leaves you drained, watch out. It might not be long before you decide to ditch the office grind in favor of the digital nomad lifestyle. 

    Added 23.07.19
  • What can surprise you while living in Ukraine? Let's find out! Voiced by Chad Albright

    Added 25.04.18