Chad Albright

Chad Albright

I am an avid traveler. I am a U.S. Citizen. My writing is what you would call "unorthodox." I do no like to write about topics that are normal. I like to write about strange and unexpected topics. Adam Conover is one of my biggest inspirations. Watch "Adam Ruins Everything" to find out more!

  • What can surprise you while living in Ukraine? Let's find out! Voiced by Chad Albright

    Added 25.04.18
  • 95% of cereals we eat and that we feed our children is unhealthy. Why is cereal so bad for us? Listen and find out now!   Voiced by Chad Albright

    Added 17.08.17
  • The only reason you get a job nowadays is knowing the right people. You can either cry about it or take action. I choose to take action.   Voiced by Chad Albright

    Added 15.08.17
  • "First you judge how nice, then you judge how wise". Listen to our podcast and find out little hints how to make a good first impression.   Voiced by Chad Albright

    Added 10.08.17
  • What it’s like – to live in Ukraine as an expat? Listen to the Chad’s story!    Voiced by Loni

    Added 25.01.17