Chicken Kyiv

Chicken Kyiv

A symbol, an icon, a spirit of Kyiv, and since recently — a witty author of English Podcasts. Chicken Kyiv is a young lady in constant search of a true self, like you and me. Created by Iryna Malishevska.

  • Are you excited about Christmas holidays? Or you feel that it is just a marketing campaign?   Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 05.01.18
  • Do you love family celebrations when lots of your relatives ask questions about your private life? No? Our heroine either. Let’s listen to her story.   Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 06.12.17
  • Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Carpe diem!   Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 29.11.17
  • Our modern world is full of stress and sometimes it’s very important to find a good psychotherapist. So keep calm and listen to the experience of our heroine.   Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 22.11.17
  • Relations can be soooo complicated. Does your “yes” on a proposal insure a happy future life?   Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 15.11.17