Chicken Kyiv

Chicken Kyiv

A symbol, an icon, a spirit of Kyiv, and since recently — a witty author of English Podcasts. Chicken Kyiv is a young lady in constant search of a true self, like you and me. Created by Iryna Malishevska.

  • While Kyiv Lover and Kyiv Hater are discussing advantages and disadvantages of our capital city we have a great possibility to learn lots of new English words)Enjoy!   Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 31.10.17
  • These days a lot of people post pics of their books shelves on FB and Instagram. But do they really read them?   Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 19.10.17
  • Can you really find love online? There are many dangers of an open digital door. But our Kutleta is brave enough...  Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 12.10.17
  • Have you ever heard about mansperading? No? But I bet you’ve seen it. In the Underground. In the rush hour…   Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 04.10.17
  • Would you like to get to know an object of interest of our Kyiv Chicken? Then listen to our podcast! Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 28.09.17