Olga Savytska

Olga Savytska

English has become my profession and I’d be happy to help you to master this beautiful language as well. Not only will you enrich your vocabulary and improve your grammar, but you will also learn a lot of interesting information. 


We live in a wonderful world full of love, beauty and exciting events. Learn English and learn more about our planet and its residents with me.


Good luck!

  • The idea of decriminalization of drugs came about because the situation in Portugal couldn’t have been worse. Criminalization wasn’t working all that well. So the Government figured out another…

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  • In 2013, 19 prisons in the Netherlands closed because the country didn't have enough criminals to fill them. Seeing as how the Netherlands is literally importing prisoners to keep jails full, larger countries…

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  • Eyelid surgery is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery procedures performed in South Korea.   Voiced by: Ekaterina Vasilieva

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