Olga Savytska

Olga Savytska

English has become my profession and I’d be happy to help you to master this beautiful language as well. Not only will you enrich your vocabulary and improve your grammar, but you will also learn a lot of interesting information. 


We live in a wonderful world full of love, beauty and exciting events. Learn English and learn more about our planet and its residents with me.


Good luck!

  • Does Time Exist only in our minds, or is it something real, that we should spend carefully? Listen to our podcast and try to answer this question by yourself.    Voiced by: Redmond Red Doyle

    Added 29.02.16
  • There are so many ways to change people's beliefs and behaviors. Learn more about them to avoid bad influence.   Voiced by: Gareth Mcneill 

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  • With our next podcast you can learn how to be happy and to use gerund at the same time! Because learning something new is good for you!    Voiced by: Redmond Red Doyle 

    Added 16.02.16
  • When your work life and personal life are out of balance, your stress level is likely to soar. Use these practical strategies to restore harmony.   Voiced by: Redmond Red Doyle 

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  • When you're a young guy who's in shape, middle age can seem like a long way off. But once you hit 30, the bad habits you didn’t kick during your 20s can take a toll on every part of your life. Make…

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