Olga Savytska

Olga Savytska

English has become my profession and I’d be happy to help you to master this beautiful language as well. Not only will you enrich your vocabulary and improve your grammar, but you will also learn a lot of interesting information. 


We live in a wonderful world full of love, beauty and exciting events. Learn English and learn more about our planet and its residents with me.


Good luck!

  • LEVEL 3

    Have you ever visited a church where there is no God? There is a church in Canada which is led by an atheist! Check it out! Voiced by Bob Skinner

    Added 10.08.16
  • What is green transport and why to care. Listen to our podcast and go green!   Voiced by Kate Vasylieva

    Added 03.08.16
  • Looking for a good book to read this summer? Look no further! Listen to our podcast – we’ve got the books that will keep you in a sunny mood all day long. Voiced by: Ann Merrill

    Added 18.07.16
  • Is it a good idea to marry your first love? What are advantages and disadvantages? Listen to our new podcast about first love.    Voiced by: Sydney Shore

    Added 13.07.16
  • Do we really need education to be successful? The list of billionaire dropouts is long, but does everyone who dropped out started a great company the next day?    Voiced by: Sydney Shore 

    Added 06.07.16