Victoria Reed

Victoria Reed

  • Europe teaches people how to behave. When you come to visit a european countries as a tourist, you are are often greeted by a letter telling what you can and cannot do. What a horrible way to start a…

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  • How much money is in your bank account right now? Do you save money every month or do you spend all of your money?   Voiced by Ann Merrill

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  • Nowadays, cheating has gone far beyond simply looking at a neighbor’s paper for an answer. Today’s students are finding new and more creative ways to get their work done for them.   …

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  • Here is why you shouldn’t trust children. Listen and be warned!   Voiced Cheryl White

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  • 4 reasons why you’ll be happier in a smaller home.   Voiced by Sydney Shore

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  • Being a woman in the 21st century is harder than ever. Listen to our podcast and find out more about feminism.   Voiced by Vivica Williams

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  • Istanbul, Turkey has the Bosporus in the middle of the city. The three most popular forms of transportation in Istanbul are ferryboats, taxis, and busses. There are some advantages and some disadvantages…

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  • What do you pay for when you buy goods or services? Is the service better when you pay more? What Makes First Class more Comfortable? Listen and find out the answers!   Voiced by: Claire Heffron 

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  • Teachers always told us that we should do our work in a quiet place in order to focus better. However, sometimes we can concentrate much better when in a bustling, loud public place. Do you prefer working…

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