Comfort or Cost?

Comfort or Cost?

What do you pay for when you buy goods or services? Is the service better when you pay more? What Makes First Class more Comfortable? Listen and find out the answers!


Voiced by: Claire Heffron 

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Is it Worth the Money?

I spend a lot of time in airplanes, but, because I purchase so many plane tickets, I always buy economy tickets to save money. I'm still not convinced that first class ticket prices are worth it. First class tickets can be anywhere between double and triple the price of a normal ticket. If I buy an economy ticket for an international flight, I will get free alcoholic drinks, and I will also get free alcohol if I fly first class. Yes, food is better if I fly first class, but I still get food if I fly economy. Either way, I will eat something during the flight. The biggest difference I see between the two tickets is that you are served your food on porcelain dishware if you fly first class. However, if you fly economy, you will be served food and drinks in plastic, disposable containers. This isn't a big enough difference to justify spending so much extra money on a first class ticket.

Is the Service That Much Better?

Recently, I was upgraded by the airline. I had no idea what to expect in first class, and I didn't know if I would like it or not. The flight was amazing, of course, but the biggest difference was the service. In economy class, the flight crew is overloaded. There are only a few crewmembers that are responsible for hundreds of passengers. This means that the workers on the plane usually look rushed, stressed, and inundated with work to do. On the other hand, the flight crew in first class has fewer customers, so they can relax more and pay more attention to everyone on board. If I need something in economy I have to wait a long time. Then, when someone helps me, I feel like I am bothering them because I know how busy they are. However, if I need something first class, I can get it right away because a worker is always nearby. Additionally, the service in first class is friendlier. I think all crewmembers are nice, but the workers in first class seem more amiable because they are not as stressed. I'm sure that the flight crew in economy class would be much friendlier if they weren't so burdened with the large crowd of passengers they have to take care of.

What Makes First Class more Comfortable?

My biggest problem with flying somewhere is not the time it takes but the discomfort I feel in my seat. The actual seats in economy are alright, but I would be more comfortable if there was more space between the other seats. Many times there are passengers sitting next to me who do not respect my space. These annoying passengers might bring too many bags so that the luggage is spilling out underneath my seat. They might also spread out in their seat and crowd me with their elbows as they use the shared armrest. I would be happy to sit in economy if there was more space between me and the other passengers. First class seats have a lot of room between the seats. In fact, you might think you were alone on the plane if you didn't look around you! First class seats are motorized so that you can adjust the angle of the seat easier. They recline to a flat position so you can sleep well if you want to sleep. I always feel more refreshed and relaxed after a long flight if I fly first class. This is because the seats feel luxurious, comfortable, and private.