2 Blogs. Episode 1. The Meeting

2 Blogs. Episode 1. The Meeting

2 Blogs is a new series about ... relationships! 

A girl, Magan, and a guy, Philippe, write their impressions about the same day in their blogs. 

Believe me, men and women are different

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There are so many people who want to live in a big city. I am from a small town and my family still lives there. But I moved to New York last year and I'm very happy to be one of those people who live in the Big Apple. I think those who read my blog know that I rent a small flat almost in the city center. But nobody knows I have a very nice neighbor. His name is Philippe. He is tall, quite skinny and has fair shoulder length hair. Just my type! They say if you want to know a person better, you should look at his apartment. So I found a reason to come to Philippe's flat. I live on the second floor and he lives on the fourth.

His flat is not the cleanest in the world, of course, but it is quite cozy, so I liked it very much. There is only one room. But he has got a very roomy kitchen, quite big bathroom and a toilet. Philippe is a big football fun and he has millions of football players' posters in his flat. They are everywhere: on the walls above the bed, on the shelves among books and CDs, on the fridge, and even under the bookshelf. I also noticed two pictures on the wall. As you remember, I'm studying to be an illustrator, so I'm very interested in art. That's why those paintings attracted my attention. But the paintings were not good at all. I think the frames are much more expensive than those masterpieces. You can easily say that Philippe is a bachelor. That's because his curtains are quite dirty. I don't want to say all boys are scruffy, but when they clean their apartment, they do only the most essential things, like washing the floor and cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. And believe me they never pay their attention to curtains! A mirror in a boy's flat is always covered with fingerprints and smudges. Moreover, if you see a half of the chocolate bar on the coffee table, be sure this guy is single. A girl would never let that happen. Girls always finish a chocolate bar.

Well I definitely like Philippe, and really don't know what to do. When I came to him, he invited me in, politely showed his flat, and offered tea. But I'm not sure he likes me. How can I find him out?



Dear friends, I need some advice. I met a nice girl and I really liked her. She is not tall, but not short either. She's got really beautiful eyes, and really velvet skin. Her smile is the most charming and amazing in the world. She is hot! And a very nice person!

We live in the same building; her flat is on the second floor. Yesterday she came to my place because she had a problem with the Internet connection. I helped her, but I still feel I looked like a fool. Her visit was unexpected for me, so I was very nervous.

My flat was a mess; all furniture was covered with dust, and the curtains were terribly dirty. Such a shame. Now she probably thinks I'm untidy. But I'm not! It's just because I'm short of time these days. However, I guess she liked my pictures on the wall. Or at least the frames, as I know those pictures are not good.

Basically, I want to ask her out. But what if she doesn't like me (yet); or decides to stand me up? I hate when girls stand me up! So, I don't want her to make any conclusions until she gets to know me better. What do you think? Should I ask her now, or should I wait?