Caribbean vacation for June

Caribbean vacation for June


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Voiced by: Katerina Vasilyeva

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Dear June,

    I know that you are going on a Caribbean vacation this year and so I thought of you when I saw an advertisement for an all inclusive vacation in Belize, Central America. You would be staying in the wonderful Pan Villa on the Belize River. The river is clear this time of year and the weather allows for swimming day or night. The river banks are scattered with trees holding hammocks that make relaxing places to read or reflect. Pan Villa is a very remote but upscale location. Villas usually aren't as luxurious as Pan Villa. The villa is classified as a full service bed and breakfast but it is much more than that. It presents the perfect setting for a worry free vacation. The owners of the villa employ a full staff including a world class chef who oversees the preparation of three meals per day and takes into account all of the dietary needs and food preferences of his guest. The chef has been featured positively in multiple reviews as has the villa as a whole.
    I know that you love to relax but also that you like a taste of adventure and that is why I included this great advertisement for scuba diving even though it isn't part of the all inclusive vacation at the villa. Blue Hole Scuba is only an hour from Pan Villa and they offer scuba trips to explore the Belizean Barrier Reef on a daily basis. Reefs like this are rare and beautiful but the best part of this outing is that Blue Hole Scuba takes walk-ins for same day trips so there is no need to book the trip in advance. You can decide at the last minute if you want to adventure at the reef or stay at the villa and relax. However, I would recommend giving the scuba trip some serious thought because the reef is incredible. It features beautiful coral and a multitude of diverse sea life.
    Remember that although the scuba trip can be a spontaneous adventure, the vacation package that includes your stay at Pan Villa, your rental car and your round-trip plane ticket requires you to book your vacation three months in advance. You will also have to furnish the villa chef with a lift of food preferences, allergies or any other dietary requirements and the villa housekeeper will require a list of your preferred toiletries, your linen requirements and any other special accommodations so that they can be completely prepared for your stay. It is important to arrange all of the details and solidify the bookings now so that when you get to your destination all you have to do is relax.
    I hope you enjoy your vacation and make sure to take a lot of pictures.